Cold Brew Coffee

Last year I went through a nice phase of drinking cold brew coffee. Partly kicked off by reading …Cory Doctorow’s book Homeland, which is superb.

In the book, the main character likes his cold brew and that made me grind up some of my own coffee and pop it in a 2 litre bottle with cold water. Leave it for 24 hours and you have a great tasting drink. It has a coffee taste but it also tastes very different. It is smooth with very little bitterness to it. I like my hot coffee with a good bit of bitterness to it and was surprised that I loved the cold smooth coffee as much as I do.

I tend to use about 200g of very coarsely ground coffee to every 2 litres of water. Once you filter the grounds off, you usually end up with just under a litre and a half of coffee.

This stuff is super strong though. Don’t overdo it just because it is cold.


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