I wanted to give a quick shout out to Spinrite. Great product created by Steve Gibson. I’ve used it to analyse drives when they start showing signs of wear. It’ll detect when your drive doesn’t have much life left in it. You can also usually use it to recover data from your drive if it…

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Spin down HDDs when idle

This (along with all my guides) is for Ubuntu but it could probably be done on any Debian based linux variant. It is worth setting your drives to spin down when the system is inactive. This will save some power and reduce the wear on the drive.First install your dependencies:

You can send the…

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Failed Boot Partition – LVM Series #3

This one is fairly straight forward. This is what you need to do if your boot partition should fail and you need to remount  the LVM logical partition in a new machine or once you’ve re-installed Ubuntu on a new boot partition.Make sure the HDDs are recognised.

Scan all disks for physical volumes:

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