Moving to new host

I have now moved to a new WordPress set up hosted by NearlyFreeSpeech. All posts before this point were originally from my Blogger hosted site and so may look a bit mis-formatted. I’ve tried to fix anything obvious but feel free to leave a comment if you see anything that needs updated.

I’ve only been using Blogger for a very short while and in that time I have been frustrated by a number of things. In particular, I can’t easily search my blog contents. If I do a Google search and restrict it to this blog (e.g. NAS) I only ever get one result, the search doesn’t seem to be able to return individual postings.Given that most people will be accessing these posts as they are googling the solution to something then I’ve decided to move to a WordPress solution hosted at NearlyFreeSpeech. I’ll add the link to the new location once I have it up and running. I’ll also move over all the posts from here to there before I close this one down.

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