Pitch Perfect

Jenna and I watched Pitch Perfect together the other night…

Going into it I was pretty skeptical that it would be any good whatsoever. But after the first 5 minutes I was actually quite impressed. It wasn’t trying to take itself too seriously, in fact it almost seemed to be setting itself up to be a parody of teen rom-com movies so I actually started paying attention (instead of messing about on Reddit or facebook).

I’ll try not to include any spoilers here but, seriously, even if I do reveal anything, for this movie it won’t ruin your (lack of?) enjoyment.

It starts off well and has some pretty funny bits, although now that I see the trailer above, it is obvious that a lot of the funny bits from the movie are already in the trailer so it is one of those films that unfortunately puts too much of the good stuff in the trailer. The jokes quickly become overused, with the same ‘fat girl’ joke being used about a dozen times.

There is also a weird parody/non-parody thing going on. The film clearly sets itself out as a bit of a pi$$ take of other rom-com and musical teen movies but then takes itself too seriously when the singing starts in this.

Don’t get me wrong, it is quite enjoyable if you are looking to switch off after a day at work and just enjoy a few laughs. But if you watched the first 20 minutes then the last 20 minutes you would have all the funny bits and still get the entirety of the storyline.

I’ve agreed to go and see Pitch Perfect 2 in the cinema which could come back to haunt me since I’m not allowed to browse the internet if I get bored there – the Cinema Police will think I’m filming the movie and the rest of the cinema goers don’t like the light from the phone screen.

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