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I’ve been looking for a simple image host which I can use to store and access the pictures I use here on the blog. So far I have been using Blogger itself and just uploading pictures as I need them via the ‘insert picture’ button. While this is great and convenient, it is not accessible from some places e.g. my work, where blogging sites and their content are blocked in general. So if I want to look at this blog in work and have the pictures appear as intended I need to host my files elsewhere.
The easiest option I have found is TinyPic ( You don’t need an account, siimply click the button to upload your pic and it then gives you a few links to the picure for using in various places. I believe it will host your pic indefinitely but just in case I would keep a copy of your pics stored separately.
So for example, this picture of my phone which I took for an ebay listing is now hosted on TinyPic:

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