How to set up Shareaholic on Blogger

This is a very short guide on how to add the Shareaholic buttons to Blogger. These are a bit friendlier and more customisable than the default blogger sharing buttons. For example, I can have a ‘share on reddit’ button on my blog using Shareaholic but not the default Blogger buttons.The Shareaholic Chrome extension is also great for easily sharing stuff you find on teh internet to various places without the hassle of trying to deal with half a dozen separate extensions for each social media site.

You can use Shareaholic to monetise your site by automatically displaying relevant adds, or adding affiliate codes to links, etc but I am not doing that.

  1. Sign up on the Shareaholic site for an account:
  2. On the ‘Site Tools’ section add your site’s details.Verify your site
  3. Click the ‘Get Setup Code’ button to get some code to add to your site to prove that it is yours. The code will also allow you to make tweaks to your Shareaholic settings on the Shareaholic website and have these reflected in Blogger.
  4. Go to your Template page in Blogger and click ‘Edit HTML‘.
  5. Add your Setup Code from step 3 above into the Blogger html. Add it just above the </head> tag – you can use Ctrl+F to find this tag easily.
  6. Verify your site with Shareaholic by going to and clicking the ‘Verify Site‘ button.

    Add sharing buttons. 
  7. To get the buttons on your blog, you need to create them in Shareaholic by visiting and clicking the ‘Add App Location‘ dropdown and then ‘Share Buttons’. Select what you want your buttons to look like and which buttons you want. Don’t worry you can come back and change this later if you need to.
  8. Once saved, click on the ‘get code snippet’ button: </> and copy the code shown.
  9. Go back to edit the blog Template again. Click Edit HTML and find
    <div class=’post-footer-line post-footer-line-3′><span class=’post-location’>In my template this was line 1514. Add your copied code to the line below this.
  10. You now need to amend the generic ‘blog post’ layout html to get rid of Blogger’s default buttons. So go to your Layout page in Blogger and click ‘Edit‘ in the bottom right corner of the Blog Post box. Deselect the ‘Share Buttons’ option.
Note that if you change your blog’s template you will need to do steps 5 and 9 again.Useful Sources:

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  1. Their 'recommendations' button are currently not working properly on Blogger. I've been trying to get them to fix it but it seems hopeless.

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